Nate DiRuzza Describes the Indescribable in New Song "Madness"

You're smiling all the time, butterflies flutter in your stomach when you're with them, and you can't stop thinking about the next time you'll see them, it can be none other than the beginning stages of a new relationship. The overwhelming feelings are almost enough to drive someone crazy, a feeling Nate DiRuzza focusses on in his new song, "Madness".

The relatable folk rock song was penned one evening when Nate was missing his crush and reflecting on those infatuating feelings. He was able to bottle up the emotions and expertly weave them together through powerful songwriting. 

"I started seeing this girl, and for the first time in years I really fell hard. She drove me crazy because I was always thinking about her," confesses the folk rock-n-pop artist. "One night, I was really excited to see her, but she didn't feel like seeing me. It felt like she was breaking my heart, though we were fine and still in a 'loving' relationship. Past girlfriends would be upset if I couldn't hang out, this girl couldn't seem to care less. So that night I was up really late and wrote this song."

Finally, a song that speaks to the coexistence of madness and love with understanding and charm. It's a worthwhile whirlwind, a meaningful madness, and a captivating kind of crazy. "Madness" is out as of June 9th. It's the perfect companion to his uptempo single "I and You", which will both be on an upcoming album due in 2023.

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