MANTA Premiere Brilliant Visual Mixtape

Let's get hypnotized!

Manta is in it to win it with the new visual mixtape “Manta and Their Amazing Friends Pt. I."  This is a unique twist for the group as their mostly instrumental release is an intriguing step forward into their career. Each piece on the mixtape brings a brilliantly crafted set of ideas to the table. Sonically alluring tones set the pace as the dreamy and captivating visuals help to guide your musical experience. You'll find yourself diving into the music over and over again, catching little surprises that your ears may not have realized before.
Manta specializes in delivering dynamic musicianship, meticulous arrangements, mood-inducing grooves, and thoughtful lyricism in the form of tightly crafted pop songs. “Manta and Their Amazing Friends Pt. I," takes their journey even further as they are clearly not afraid to experiment...and our ears are thankful. It's sleek and captivating from start to finish, leaving nothing behind.

The group's range goes deep as they expand upon decades of popular music, mixing various genre textures (jazz, tropicália, funk, disco, to name a few) and adding layers of sonic flourishes in a manner reminiscent of the experimentally-minded ethos of the 60s and 70s. 
 All four members are talented multi-instrumentalists, producers, and prolific songwriters, with each usually bringing their vocals into the mix. Their distinct styles blend to create a unique collaborative sound in an era filled with one-man-bands. And damn, they have it down to an impressive science. 
 With a strong set of releases behind them Manta's debut EP Fuzz Pop was released in 2017, followed by a string of singles, including Melanoma Sunrise (2018), Lose Their Legs (2019) and Nightcap (2020).
The group shares:
"Manta and Their Amazing Friends Pt. I," is a multi-media extravaganza for the senses! Manta presents our all new visual mixtape “Manta and Their Amazing Friends Pt. I" A collage of instrumental ditties and jam seshes set to state-of-the-art moving images and featuring a cast of the group’s personal friends, acquaintances, and hangers-on—both real and imagined."
“Manta and Their Amazing Friends Pt. I," is a true vision and labor of love that showcases the talent of the group not only as songwriters, but performers as well. Intricately crafted, each piece blends flawlessly with the next; making us fall head over heels with each and every listen. 
“Manta and Their Amazing Friends Pt. I," is out today via Youtube. 
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