Ben Harold & The Rising's Newest Album Brings Back Classic Rock

Ben Harold & The Rising is an American rock and roll band from Milwaukee, WI. Often being compared to Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, their music is known for its honest conviction and style. Their live shows bring a contagious warmth and energy that will leave any audience member wanting more! Ben Harold & The Rising’s recent album, These Days, has that timeless classic rock sound with a modern twist. Ben’s Daughtry-esque vocal tone, mixed with Tom Petty styled lyrics and the essences of Ray LaMontagne and The Black Crows is what gives Ben Harold & The Rising their uniquely familiar signature sound.

"These Days explores the complexities of being human in extraordinary times. This album tells stories we all can relate to as we make our way through These Days," Ben explains. These Days is filled with stories about the hardships of being human that are unapologetically honest and raw. 

While all of the songs on the album are worth your time, the first song on the album, “Just A Ghost,” holds a powerful meaning and a heavily melodic tune that we had to highlight. It tells the story of a woman who set aside her aspirations and dreams, to give the life she never had to her four children. Ben said that “the raw emotion” of his and his mom’s pasts “made this a delicate process.” It took Harold a handful of months to complete “Just A Ghost.”  Not only did he want to tell this story right, he wanted to say something about how his mother and her love for music shaped him.

Music heals the soul, and that is just what These Days achieves. Fans will feel deeply connected to Ben Harold & The Rising by just listening to any of the ten tracks on the album. Ben Harold & The Rising are currently touring along the Lake Michigan coast of Wisconsin. For more tour information, find Ben Harold & The Rising on  Spotify or visit their website. To stay up-to-date with the band, follow them on social media!

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