Yahnei: 2:22

YAHNEI embraces a silky, sultry sound with the intimacy of 2:22. Stylistically she brings together elements of chillwave, R&B, soul, and pop into a mixture with her distinct flair for atmosphere. Tracks absolutely ooze a sense of pure bliss about them, ensuring that every layer is applied with painterly precision. Done with such grace, the rhythms have a languid, contemplative ode about them. Lyrics here have abstract poetry, with a bit of free verse thrown in to give it a dreamlike gaze. The production feels so intimate yet polished, and there is a true beauty and balance behind all of it.

Mandarin Cookiezstarts things up in fine fashion. Groove slink on by, for the bass rolls on through with sheer physicality. Beats have a crisp air to them with Motionfor the sounds have an underwater quality, akin to looking up at the light from so far below. Echoing on through Been Uhas a delicacy. Beats here are spread out in great fashion, for the slow jam serves as the true heart of the entire collection. The piano adds a jazz effect with the pure good vibes of KickinIt.Off-kilter and woozy melodies waft up into the air with the surreal scope of Want Thisfor the level of yearning feels unparalleled. With the finale of Waitin,the whole thing gets summarized in a pitch-perfect way.

2:22features the incredible vocals of YAHNEI. Indeed, she creates an entire aural universe, one that consumes the listener whole.




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