Single Review - Gold Souls "Suicide"

Gold Souls touch upon that pop-punk magic that I adore with the early aughts referencing “Suicide”. Full of all that muscular riffing, intense rhythms, and abject cathartic screams, there is something so infectiously catchy about the whole thing. Perhaps it is the way they effortlessly balance all of these many conflicting emotions together making it appear so easy when it is anything but. Their interplay further adds to this sense of togetherness, a sense of suffering, but of suffering together. Volume is a given for theirs is a force of nature sort of sound, the kind of thing I used to blast in my old car many years ago.

The nods to old-school groups like Blink 182, Coheed and Cambria, and more filter into the fray. Gold Souls takes on this sound and polishes it up to give it a harder edged, more contemporary feeling. Nor are they alone in mining this specific, intensely personal sort of sound. One can hear traces of the far more recent work of Car Seat Headrest within the whole of the track. From the angular guitar licks to the gritty delivery of the vocalist, there is an intimacy that exists here. A sense of a live show is captured perfectly for they rage forth with such gleeful abandon.

With some elegant foreshadowing guitar work, they set the tone. This initial impulse is elaborated upon in a quite distinct fashion. At first the vocalist pulls back, keeping things relatively restrained. From the burst of sound though there is no going back. Lyrics are chosen with care for the verses neatly intertwine to reveal a whole narrative, one that has a realistic sheen to it. Drums pound away with such fury, tapping a little into a hardcore ethos for the fire they exude is potent. Buildup of the approach feels urgent, for the vocalist himself is asked to match the sheer chaos of his surroundings, something he does with the greatest of ease before the whole work fades out.

“Suicide” features the undeniable talent of Gold Souls in crafting a world that feels so visceral, raw, and real.

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