Michael G. Goldsby and Rob Mathews release “Entrepreneurship The Disney Way”

Michael G. Goldsby and Rob Mathews release “Entrepreneurship The Disney Way”

The book Entrepreneurship The Disney Way, written by Michael G. Goldsby and Rob Mathews, opens with Goldsby’s recollection of his experience visiting the California Disneyland theme park and leaving impressed, if not transformed, hy all encompassing entertainment and customer experience the park provided its visitors. Goldsby’s dual status as a business academic and perceptive human being launches Entrepreneurship The Disney Way off on a distinctly personal note that grounds the book’s ambitions in a relatable way for readers and that’s an important route to take for kicking off this work. Mathews, the book’s co-author, shares much of the same story albeit in a different context, and boasts the same desire to understand what forces helped Disney provide such a signature entertainment experience.

The authors, before the book begins in earnest, share an exercise with readers they can do helping them identify and examine leadership qualities and how those work in conjunction with one another. Using this exercise is, naturally, optional, but it is presented in a clear cut manner and might enhance the work’s value for some readers. Once it begins for real, the book is divided into two sections – the first devotes its focus to looking at Walt Disney’s rise to prominence and the attributes he demonstrated along the way that helped make his reputation and establish his company for decades to come.

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The authors identify four manifestations of the entrepreneurial spirit – the Artist, Builder, Scientist, and Evangelist and concur few ever show all four of these types working in concert the way Disney did during Disney’s formative years and later on. These four concepts are laid out in a way that makes immense sense – discerning readers won’t find themselves stretching far to understand the wisdom and thought Goldsby and Mathews have placed behind these ideas.

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They don’t quite as much attention to the post Disney area following the death of the company’s founder, but they do take the work in another fruitful direction during the book’s second half. Their dissection of the Disney business and service model is relaxed, confident, and clinical. The clarity of their examination emphasizes for readers why Disney has proven to have such durability in an entertainment and consumer world roaring faster and faster every year. Entrepreneurship The Disney Way is far from a sterile work of business non-fiction. Many can and will read this book as a virtual manual for inspiring creative self-empowerment and the slight, unobtrusive personalized touch Goldsby and Mathews create for the reader underlines the underlying generosity behind this book. It is teeming with information but, likewise, solid adult advice and fundamentals for making the seemingly impossible possible.

They accomplish much in a little over three hundred pages. The all-seeing gaze of these collaborators leaves no corner unsearched while delving into the multitude of factors making Disney so successful, why this success continues, and what principles are perhaps applicable to your own efforts. Viewed  in that light, it is more than just a well researched historical study – it is a valuable document with ongoing future utility. I felt a jolt of inspiration reading many parts of this book and believe other readers will as well.

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