COMING NEXT: President Street 'Tell Me Brother'

In times when you have no control over your life, over the lives of loved ones, there are not too many things that have the power to comfort you. That's when the healing aspect of music comes in. Music and heartfelt lyricism can take you out of your misery for three minutes at a time and transform your mood.  

Australian Pop duo President Street is consciously trying to create music that is more than a good melody. Following up their latest single, 'Heal,' President Street is getting ready to return with a new infectious release, 'Tell Me Brother,' out on October 14th. 

'Tell Me Brother' will be an astonishing addition to their efforts to start conversations and positive change. This track is aimed to challenge outdated forms of masculinity and inspire strength through compassion and understanding instead of violence. 

 Don't miss out; October 14th is the release date of a new President Street  single 'Tell Me aBrother.'

Penelope Parker

Penelope Parker

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