“Hope” by Louise Cappi

“Hope is a song in the night, hope guides you from the darkness to the light. Fills the heart that longs to be whole; hope is the anchor of the fear-driven soul.” With these lines, Louise Cappi reenters the spotlight after a brief stint of silence, aiming to deliver a bit of modest hype for her new upcoming album Hope.

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The single in question, also released under the title “Hope,” is a fantastic next step for Cappi as it continues the same aesthetic and easy, breezy rock stylings she is already well known for. The lyrical content feels all the more mature with a few years added to it and the overall musical decree of hope being an antidote feels especially poignant in light of recent global events. Louise Cappi is obviously returning at a very impactful time in both her history and the world’s history, and the coinciding timelines mesh perfectly. “Hope” is a song that will undoubtedly get listeners to seek out the dawn when the night is at its darkest, and that feels like the core goal Cappi had in mind when writing this piece.

As far as musical composition on the track goes, the production feels in line with what fans will recognize from Mélange, Cappi’s last full release. There’s a tighter leash on the guitar solo featured within “Hope” that really hones in on the refreshed professionalism that the single displays and Cappi’s vocals feel pitch-perfect with that slight rockstar texture that brings her pipes above and beyond. “Hope” manages to lay out a simple basis in its lyrics without ever coming across as contrived, and it’s clear the woman behind the words has put her everything not only into writing the song but performing it.

The overall concept that calls for togetherness and optimism above all else isn’t something unfamiliar to rock music (see the endless protest songs of the 60s and 70s for examples) but it does feel rather lacking in mainstream releases of late, so the bravado required to return to what younger generations might view as a weakness (when being vulnerable proves the exact opposite) is something worth applauding and giving praise towards.

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“Hope” is a landmark achievement within Cappi’s releases thus far and the album still to come proves that the strengths of her debut album were far from flukes. There’s well-crafted attention to artistry and detail on full display within the new five-minute single that will certainly only find more room to stretch its wings when put against the other songs on the album, due out in autumn, and Cappi is ready to give it her all — the ambition and heartfelt sentiment are working in tandem to give listeners the music they deserve and need after a particularly hard year, and there’s a telling amount of sincerity that will go full circle back towards Cappi’s own self-fulfilling rewards if any of the upcoming releases follow the trend of vulnerability established by “Hope.” There’s no telling where the rest of Hope will take listeners as an LP, but the single will certainly lift weary souls above and beyond.

Anne Hollister

Anne Hollister

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