Ethan Beute & Stephen Pacinelli - "Rehumanize Your Business"

Ethan Beute and Stephen Pacinelli’s Rehumanize Your Business: How Personal Videos Accelerate Sales and Improve Customer Experience is an important non-fiction work empathizing the importance of making an one on one connection with consumers in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Both authors contribute to the volume from the vantage point of front line experiences with the issue; Beute has more than a decade’s experience leading marketing teams for television stations, lecturing on the subject, and serving as Vice President of Marketing for the BombBomb corporation. Pacinelli comes at the topic from a slightly different perspective as the CMO of the aforementioned BombBomb corporation and extensive experience as a sales manager for and an experienced public speaker. Their vast wealth of knowledge comes together in an important contribution to business literature and the seamlessness of their presentation will undoubtedly make an impact on those interested in the effect of video on influencing consumer decisions.


The general premise of the book is that technology, namely email, has robbed the business world of the “face to face” component once forming the backbone of salesmanship and the relationship between a business and their customers. Beute and Pacinelli, instead, advocate rehumanizing business practices by an imaginative use of video to reestablish those moribund connections. The book opens in attention grabbing fashion – Beute relates the very personal story of hearing about the death of his mother and returning to his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan for her funeral. It’s a masterful stroke for framing the book’s central premise and immediately builds a connection with the reader rather than miring the target audience in dry theorizing and discussion. It opens the first part of Rehumanize Your Business, a section outlining the author’s vision of what constitutes a personal video, how it can revitalize a status quo approach, and why businesses should pursue its possible rewards.




Their efforts at building a personal connection with readers pay off, but the book also succeeds thanks to the coherence of their presentation, clear intelligent writing, and the obvious extensive thought they put into the subject matter. The book’s structure boasts the same clarity and intelligence. The second section provides readers with examples of those already utilizing video to establish personal connections with their customers and when potential converts to the philosophy might find need for using it while the third section covers more technical aspects of the process like what equipment proves ideal for use. The final section of the book delves even deeper presenting readers with advanced approaches to video and addresses the future of connecting with a customer base via video. It is difficult, if not impossible, to finish this book and feel like left unturned stones in their examination of video’s potential impact on business.


Discerning readers might even discover the book’s reach extends far past business. At its heart, Rehumanize Your Business’ purview isn’t merely the world of commerce, but tackles a fundamental fact of our modern age – impersonality has exerted a deleterious effect on human connections in society and technology is one of the leading culprits. This is an underlying subtext powering the book and rebuilding one on one connection throughout technology, rather than undercutting it, is one of their central aims. This is an invaluable tome for businesses big and small, but also a worthwhile read for anyone interested in the importance of genuine human interaction.


Anne Hollister

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