Exclusive Premiere: Natalie Fideler Releases Her Trio's Sophomore Album

'Three Man Army' Reveals the Band's Depth

Natalie Fideler is the frontwoman for her alt-rock trio, with Natalie as the lead songwriter as well as on guitar, keyboards, and lead vocals, Hailey Jacobsen on bass, and Leigh Underwood on drums. Their sound and style is influenced by Natalie’s love of composition and songwriting and their completely vulnerable lyrics speak truth to the human experience. 

Natalie just released the trio’s sophomore album, Three Man Army, funded by the $10,000 LGBTQ+ Emerging Artist Award grant presented by Music Forward and Citibank. The overall sound has a strong Green Day meets Alanis Morrisette feeling with Natalie’s vocals giving a Natasha Bedingfield meets Carole King style. Natalie’s voice is special and powerful, giving her all with every single song. Her voice emphasizes every song on Three Man Army, revealing the emotions and passions behind them.

Aside from her expert musicality and sensational vocals, her lyricism is unmatched. She sings “at least I know how to love someone, deeper than knowing what they've done, and following my instincts when I want to give them my love,” in the acoustic opening song “Kisses.” That line alone sets the tone for the rest of the album, with songs about personal growth and evolution and the trials of life. 

The 13-track nerd-rock album was written largely during the Covid-19 pandemic, exploring the dark thoughts and healing processes brought on by a prolonged world-wide disaster. Songs like “When the Evening Comes,” about running from the demons that try and take your soul, and “Post-Apocalyptic GF,” a fun folksy and jazzy song about Natalie’s love for her girlfriend even after the pandemic. Natalie believes this album to be her best work to date, and we agree.

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