Lenni Revel Shares Deep New Single "Where There Ain't No Sun"

Americana artist Lenni Revel has released a brand new single, “Where There Ain´t No Sun,” out now. 

This is the first single release from her new 8 song EP “Unbroken.” Starting with a gentle guitar melody, the song is about the ups and downs of grief. Lenni´s unique vocals remind us of Norah Jones, or Lana Del Rey, perhaps, but more authentic. 

Revel´s love of music was stronger than her pain. Her previous stint in the music industry left her empty and broken. But music has aided in her re-birth and supported her through her mental health issues, drug use, and pain.

“Where There Ain´t No Sun” is a dark outlaw folk song, with instrumental melodic layers. Emotional and strong in both the music and lyrics. Every word and note carries meaning: 

Grief, loss, sorrow, and mourning—these are all part of the cost of having truly loved in this world. Holding close to our hearts those we lose physically forever is a precious task, and one we can all relate to. ‘Where There Ain’t No Sun’ encourages us to be fierce in our love while we still have one another in the flesh, so the personal loss of a beloved will never arrive at abject despair.”

Lenni draws inspiration from the likes of Amy Winehouse, Beth Harte and Leonard Cohen with her intricate mix of indie, dark Americana pop and soft rock sounds. 

Listen here:

We look forward to hearing more from Lenni Revel´s new album “Unbroken” out soon. 

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