Bramses Xalyxys Release New EP

The fate of the fictional planet, Vortuxs, is the primary focus of Bramses Xalyxys’ recent EP, Mysterious Warrior. As descriptive as a concept album can be, Mysterious Warrior is defined by merging worlds, evil, battle, and even introspection. Part comic book fantasy, part symphonic metal opus, this EP is a treat for all who love their Science Fiction to rock. A screenwriter and a musician, Bramses Xalyxys has married his two loves to arrive at something original and wholly immersive. He doesn’t phone it in on any aspect of this work, and that is nothing short of admirable.

“Prayer Of The Lost Warrior” is a spoken word intro that sets the tone for the main character’s plight. Jaet is the leader of Vortuxs who seeks to unite with the leaders from other planets. The voice is foreboding and the verbiage is somewhat ominous, as the narrator pays homage to Jaet in a most descriptive manner. It’s followed by “Swords That Deserve To Be Ruled,” and this one is something of a banger. A wall of sound, and a backdrop of insane percussive work, “Swords That Deserve To Be Ruled" is an absolute gust of fury.

Well I’m fallin from the mountain/fallin from the mountain/from the pain/and I’m crawlin to the fountain/crawlin to the fountain/from the flame. A signature sonic riff opens “In The Black Flame There Is A White Battle.” Bramses allows the verses to breathe a bit on this one, which serves the piece well. The chorus of this song is likely to get stuck in your head, as it certainly did in mine. There’s a video of Bramses on his YouTube channel, flexing his impressive finger work on this track.


“Blood Of My Leader,” has an intro with a chord progression that is slightly similar to Fall About Boy, of all things. The similarities end after the intro, as Bramses then proceeds to deliver what is arguably the best performance on the record. The chorus on this one reaches unprecedented heights, and its magnitude is quite simply difficult to articulate. At over 6 minutes, this track feels like a classic 3 minute single. I listened to this one on repeat for sheer pleasure, and you likely will as well. An absolutely show stealer, go out of your way to check out “Blood Of My Leader.”

At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, Bramses has achieved something remarkable with Mysterious Warrior. The eidetic nature and overall scope of the material on the record, is something we simply don’t often hear. And when you realize that this is actually just the first installment of the saga, it will leave you craving for more. To hear him talk about the universe he has created, you can sense that Bramses identifies with the characters in his work. He actually took his name from one of the evil overlords in his netherworld. The only difference is, his sword is amplified.

Anne Hollister

Anne Hollister

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