"Fernanda, It's All Right" is a Song of Longing

Moses Mikheyev is an alternative rock, pop, and folk artist from Los Angeles. His debut album, I Only Have a Hundred Years to Love You, will be released September 2023. His debut album is genre-defying, falling into indie, folk, pop, progressive rock, hard rock, cinematic rock, and even shoegaze and hauntology categories. He’s known for deviating from genre conventions.

His new single, "Fernanda, It's All Right" is an alternative folk pop ballad with an overall cinematic feeling. It has an overall sound similar to Lifehouse meets Bob Dylan. It's melencholic as it takes you through the male character's longing of his ex-girlfriend. He sings "In my dreams she wants me/ Writes back and haunts me/ In this world she lies now/ Pretends her heart out." While both parties have physically moved on, the male character has not mentally. 

"Fernanda, It's All Right" was written after a tough breakup that Moses experienced. "At the time, I was dealing with a lot of emotional pain and somehow managed to survive it by writing songs, poems, and a novel titled 'This Time Next Summer,'" Moses shares. "There are certain truths we discover only through pain. I suppose I discovered I could move past the pain, accept what had happened, and write with grace and charity about the experience."

"Fernanda, It's All Right" comes from his upcoming debut album, I Only Have a Hundred Years to Love You, in tandem with the release of his book, “This Time Next Summer.”

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