Nick Mirisola – Social Gravity

Meditative Animal, other than being an incredible name, is the brainchild of one and only Nick Mirisola. Specializing in an eclectic blend of indie folk-rock music, he’s recently released a brand new EP called Social Gravity, so we’re going to give it a thorough look through to see what it’s all about.

From the very first track on the EP, the title track “Social Gravity”, it becomes instantly apparent how much of it is meant to evoke a specific vibe. It’s completely laid back and relaxed in all the best ways, slowly plodding through its paces. Soft and welcoming are very apt descriptions for how the album sounds.

Instrumentation on here matches that laid back pacing we spoke of earlier. With acoustic guitars, harmonicas and light drums, everything here feels homely and grounded. Some tracks do play around a bit more with their arrangements, like the closing track “Righteously Sublime” and how it adds some fascinating musical depth with its percussion, but the EP for the most part likes staying in its grounded, genuine state.

Genuine is another strong descriptor for Social Gravity, especially when it comes to the vocal delivery on the EP. The singing matches the tone of the album perfectly, sounding like someone who’s achieved enlightenment and is now coasting through life. Meditative Animal is a fitting name, and it’s also no wonder that Nick has dubbed himself the Duddha.

The calm, gentle delivery belies the deeper lyrical themes here however. Songs like “Saint’s Dilemma” and “Wisdom’s Throne” tackle interesting philosophical concepts with gravitas, insight and understanding that’s shocking to see from such a fun, light sounding album. It never goes into anything too deep, but there’s a nice amount of meat on this EP for people who like their music with a bit more meaning.

The mixing on here is also just incredibly pleasant. There is no harsh noise or dissonance, everything sounds soft, sweet and clean. From the instruments to the backing vocals courtesy of Nick’s niece Charis Moore, it’s all produced just right. I could go into greater detail, picking at every musical nook and cranny on the EP, but the thing that’s most important with Social Gravity is that it’s dangerously joyful.

Positive vibes and good times are the key factors in this EP, and if you like either one you’re going to have a blast here. Nick Mirisola has put together a wonderful little collection of tunes, instilling joy into the listener with every new song, and we hope he keeps it up in his future projects. Definitely give it a listen if you’re looking for something new to kick back and relax to!


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