Vela Rosa Reveals Bold New Release

We're hooked!

Roll the windows down, put your sunglasses on, and get ready for this time-bending rock n roll blues jam of the summer. Take a trip through the decades with Vela Rosa’s new single “Gone & Rollin’”, a bluesy, indie, 80s inspired rock n roll anthem that will have you slow headbanging for all 4 minutes and 47 seconds. The song takes on an interesting form of it’s own, basically split into two emotional sections. The song begins with evocative country guitars and stacked 70s inspired vocals with an impending feeling leading you to the excitement of the second section at around the 3 minute mark.  Vela Rosa turns up the intensity a little over halfway through and takes you on a bit of a psychedelic trip of Bowie-esque vocals and emotion. A symphony of electric guitars changed the key and took the wheel on this part of the record and blew me away with the solos, evocative licks, and catchy melodies.  I felt like I could have either been driving down Highway 1 in California or rocking out in a smoky bar on a Saturday night.  “Gone & Rollin’” is a brooding country rock ballad that seamlessly ties together the past and present with its rawness and authenticity. Vela Rosa does a killer job of creating a sonic palette reminiscent of Pink Floyd and The Doors while still sounding fresh,  new, and exciting. This glorious rock ballad anthem hits you right in the heart with the guitar slides and hard drum section.  Get ready to “ooh” along and flashback to the 80s music you love with a modern twist with “Gone & Rollin’”. 


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Emily Hinde

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