Anthony DiJoseph: "The Gift"

"I danced with my shadows until they became part of my Light"

Anthony DJoseph was blessed with a gift, a sort of spiritual GPS guiding him to help others. Realizing his gift at a young age Anthony went on using his intuition to help law enforcement agencies to lend closure to a previously unsolved case. He has also helped those he encounters by sharing messages from their loved ones. After experiencing a life-changing moment via surviving a near death experience, Anthony realize that his purpose in life was to use his gift to help others.

He uses his mediumship to help as many people as possible including palliative care and hospice facilities where he uses his gift of telepathy to relay messages from loved ones during their end-of-life care circumstances. He has also used his gift to raise money for organizations including the Cope Foundation and Joshua's Eternal Journey. After working in secrecy with law agencies he is now able to shed his seclusion and reach out to the public.....


In response to the situation that's going on in the world at the moment can you offer any kind of advice, or prediction, or uplifting words?


In regards to the pandemic captivating people on a global scale I believe this virus will be eradicated due to climate change.  People will now realize the important part of life - to work together instead of against each other and knowing the power of free will to create anything you wish to.  We all have a purpose in this life.

What has been your most challenging moment in your career and the most triumphant?


The most challenging moment in my career was after facing death and understanding my life would never be the same. I had to learn how to recreate my life all over again without fear and anxiety knowing I was still alive for a reason and purpose.

Can you recall the moment that changed the whole trajectory of your life?


The moment that changed my whole trajectory in life was after a near death experience. I came to understand there is no rewind button in this life so I want to be proud of my yesterday.   How you handle life circumstances plays a role in your evolution as an earthly being.  We must evolve as spiritual souls.  It is a true test of our faith because faith is blind.  It is within us. 

If you could have me ask you one question what would you want me to ask you and how would you answer it?


The question I wish people would ask me is why do some people face illness and affliction while others are so lucky and full of wealth, health and happiness.

We all have a spirit body.  People who take on lower vibrational energy from third parties or attract it on a subconscious level tend to be more prone to illness.  Genetic dispositions don't have to define you.  It is all about creating and what you allow your beliefs to be.  It can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  What you think you attract.  Your beliefs govern your life.  The key to wellness is to see your own life full of abundance. 

Do you ever have reoccurring visitors?


I do have some reoccuring visitors.  They offer insight and encouragement for circumstances I may soon face. They help me through my daily life so I'm prepared to face anything that comes my way. 

Do you speaking to ghosts ever make you think of your own mortality?


Communicating with the departed often helps me understand that death is a natural part of life.  Being a survivor of a tragic accident I think about death every day.  I know what it looks like in that realm. I truly feel no fear.  I just have a sense of peace in knowing there is life after death. I'm living proof of this controversial subject. I share my mind and life with those who have crossed over.  In the big picture I have to stay hear a little bit longer until I have fulfilled my life's purpose.  All journeys lead to a beautiful place.

This is a heavy one, are you afraid to die?


I'm not afraid to die. Many people know I will risk my life without a second thought because I'm truly aware I will not leave this physical earthly plane until I have fulfilled my life's mission. I must help others reconnect with loved ones and bring clarity to their life circumstances with my gift.  

Have you ever been read by someone authentic?


Yes I have.  I met someone in passing who knew way too much to just be a coincidence. 

What do you hope to do most with your gift?

I wish to share the gift with people around the world.  I want to spread messages of joy and faith.  I want to give back to those in need.  The greatest gift in the world is the moment I see smiles and tears coming from a person that I was just able to help.  Being able to assist with a life obstacle is more rewarding then anything.  It is a feeling that lasts a lifetime.  

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