Raphaela Gilla Unleashes New Album "Ancient Angel"

Let's Listen in Closely...

Singer and vocal-medium Raphaela Gilla has just put out her new spiritually charged album, Ancient Angel. The album is supposed to take the listener on a journey to rediscover their guardian angel and remember their connection with the universe. In the words of Gilla, “The Reunion consists of three parts – Part One: The Ancient Call, Part Two: Coming Home, Part Three: I am Here With You”. She wants to take listeners on this personal journey using her inspiring words, angelic voice, and ethereal instrumentals. By using 4 different languages throughout the album, English, Hebrew, French, and Lamoria (or the Language of Light), she is able to connect with people and make the listener feel a connection to the world as a whole. It was an inspired way to use her Israeli roots in her art. 


The album starts off with the track “Remember Your Love”, a song that feels like a call from the heavens with Gilla’s strong belt and spiritual influence. When it comes to the instruments in her music, Gilla said, “Since that first time of revelation the same divine magic was happening with every musical instrument that I was holding in my hands. Especially with exotic, far east instruments such as singing bowls, gongs, chimes, shaman drums, shruti box. They have become my loyal musical companions”. She is able to take different elements of music and bend them to her will in order to create her angelic music. 


Another track from the album, “Ecoute La Terre” (French for “listen to the earth”) uses driving congos and other percussion in order to create the backdrop for Gilla’s singing. It really feels like a chant for change, complete with interjections from what sounds like a choir. Raphaela Gilla is able to use her passion for music as a vessel for her teachings in a way that works so beautifully, it is honestly inspiring.


Ancient Angel is out today, March 4.

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