“Live True”: A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity by Ora Nadrich 

Live True: A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity has a surprising spiritual component many readers will enjoy. I say surprising because, in my experience, many books about mindfulness are grounded in secular experiences avoiding any spiritual references. It isn’t hard to applaud the way Ora Nadrich integrates these spiritual elements into Live True though many will counter, with some reason, incorporating elements from Buddhism adds more of a philosophical dimension to the book instead of spiritual. Nadrich, nonetheless, references Buddhist principles without the book ever becoming a tract for Eastern philosophy or mysticism. It reflects her thoroughly modern perspective of mindfulness that draws no boundaries about what may prove useful in revealing its full potential. I believe it elevates the work above similar efforts while still retaining a direct connection with readers rather than obscuring its intentions.  

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It reflects perspective by, invariably, connecting with the message Nadrich is attempting to convey. She structures the book in four parts that highlight the book’s primary concerns – Time, Understanding, Living, and Realization. The self-explanatory titles for these parts are broken down further in the chapters contained within – Nadrich explores subjects like Compassion, The Past, Perception, Self-Realization, and Consciousness, among others. The book’s individual chapters are rarely extended. Nadrich has made great effort to keep her writing laser-focused throughout Live True and her unwillingness to fritter away the reader’s time makes this an even more engaging work. The book’s thirty chapters end with different meditations for each one. The meditations are of varying length. One universal quality they share, however, is they are easy to follow and bring an added dimension to the book insofar as readers can open the text to these passages and practice them without delving wholeheartedly into the book.  

Such practical aspects of the book are, without a doubt, derived from Nadrich’s hands on experience running a variety of workshops in Los Angles and surrounding areas. She has seen what these practices can accomplish in individual lives; they are never pure intellectual exercises that may or may not make a difference for people. Her academic training informs much of her book as well. In addition to her knowledge of mindfulness practices and their value in everyday lives, Nadrich has experience with Jungian analysis and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Her wont for drawing from a variety of sources to fully realize her approach is one of many distinguishing characteristics fueling Live True: A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity. 

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Nadrich’s reputation and standing will only grow as a result of this book. She is already a frequent blogger for publications such as the Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Women’s Health, and Yahoo Health, among others. Her beginnings as a screenwriter and actress reinforce her appreciation for the value of communicating with an audience and, without question, some of the success she experiences with this book is thanks to that training. Live True: A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity is more than just a guidebook for those looking to follow a different path; it is a sturdy and deeply felt rebuke against negativity and an extended conversation with someone who understands what it means to be human. 

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