Single Review: Hannyta "Make It To The Night"

An expansive huge mixture of pop and EDM define Hannyta’s intense trip of “Make It To the Night” (January 28th, MTS). She pours her heart into the rest of the sound. Her vocals have a bluesy aspect to it, which nicely bridges the past and the present together in a creative way. Layer upon layer makes sure that the song becomes a kaleidoscopic mix. Psychedelic at certain moments, the ebb and flow of the energy further makes sure that there is a living, breathing quality to it. Flourishes here matter a great deal, for there are a number of twists and turns to behold. Elements of the Weeknd’s ability to blend 80s R&B in a futuristic way appear throughout.

They make sure to grab the listener’s attention immediately. A seductive, sensual quality to the work helps to tie the whole of the track together. By making sure that the song seems to evolve there is a bit of a magic to it. Her lyricism helps along the way, abstracted in a style akin to the Sea and Cake’s romanticism. Chilled out to the extreme the beats even have a lightness to it. Full of so much vivid beauty the song incorporates pieces of the organic and digital. Towards the final stretch she lets things loose just a little bit which feels truly cathartic.

“Make It To the Night” shows off Hannyta’s graceful take in creating something that possesses such fire and fury about it.



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