Lauren Waller's New Pop Single is Full of Life and Spirit

Lauren Waller marries the synthetic sounds of the 1980's with the modern day textures and structures, creating catchy and moving music. Her Ingrid Michaelson vocals and her Lorde style gives a singer/songwriter senseability to her incredibly dynamic pop sound. Her music is danceable and thoughtful.

"I want to write stories that people truly can connect to, my favorite part of being an artist is writing lyrics and putting my own passion into them in the hopes that my feelings and emotions can be translated into what other people can connect to/reflect and see in themselves," shares the Los Angeles-based artist.

Following the success of her dark synthpop single, "Dopamine," she released her bubbly and light synthpop single "Nothing But Life," with a hint of dream pop sprinkled in. With a Hayley Kioko meets Halsey sound, "Nothing But Life" is a poetic song about everything life has to offer, invoking feelings of love and loss on top of the feelings of life in general.

She utilizes the acoustic guitar layered beneath the synthetic sounds and blends that with her powerful lyricism. She wisks you away using her catchy and danceble, yet soft and airy melodies. 

Listen here:

"I think music has been the perfect way for me to express an artistic vision that is truthful and raw and full of emotion," shares Lauren. "Nothing But Life" is no different. You will find yourself hitting repeat and dancing in your seat.

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