Gaming Music legend TheFatRat, popularly known for his immense online following of over six million YouTube subscribers and iconic songs like “Unity” and “Fly Away (feat. Anjulie),” has collaborated with award-winning Korean girl band EVERGLOW for a seductive and energetic new K-Pop single. Known for pushing a stronger sound outside of the traditional “bubble gum pop,” these six global stars and their bass heavy, EDM-inspired discography pair with TheFatRat’s Gaming Music sound perfectly for the saxophone-heavy trap-leaning single “Ghost Light,” which is available now on all DSPs and streaming services HERE.


Ghost Light” starts off mysteriously alluring, with lyrics such as “I’m your wildest dream, everything you need” comforting us, lulling the listener into a sense of warm security. As we settle in, these seductively sung, delicate reassurances gradually transform into forceful demands backed by a building trap-inspired saxophone riff. The suggestion to “come and follow” changes into a command, “Come and get me.” The marching, brass climax is coupled with the anthemic lyrics of “You know,  you want more, so come try and catch me if you can.” Just as swiftly as it came, the tone quickly reverts back and forth between these powerful belts and the soothing, ethereal vocals of Everglow. The song climaxes with an energetic and vigorous horns and drums finale, then ends with a fittingly and contrastingly tranquil outro.


"Ghost Light has a large variety in vocal styles. Luckily with Everglow I found a perfect match for each part. I loved how Si-Heyon and Aisha made the verses sweet but mysterious, E:U gave the right energy to the bridge and Mia and Onda simply killed the powerful parts in the chorus.” - TheFatRat


“Ghost Light” follows TheFatRat’s highly-anticipated lore-filled debut ten-track album PARALLAX, which was released in September 2021. One song from the album was released each week followed by interactive Discord chats hosted by TheFatRat with collaborators and thousands of his fans. The album, artwork, and lyrics from PARALLAX tell their own cohesive story filled with imaginative characters and fantasy settings that have been referenced in his past projects, with each single sharing new chapters of the story. This lore is a huge interest for his rabid fans, who speculated wildly on online forums about the meaning of each release and guessing what was coming next.


In the midst of preparing to release Ghost Light, TheFatRat has been enjoying his recent social media virality with his 2014 song, “Xenogenesis” leading to fan videos accumulating over 100 million views within a few weeks and climbing with the so called Outro trend. Used for years by his YouTube gaming audience as a way to end their gamer videos, the Outro is currently sweeping social media and engaging celebrities, fans and media alike, as seen by Nick Kroll on The Tonight Show, Subtronics at Lost Lands, and Barstool Sports.


This will be EVERGLOW’s first official collaboration with a dance music artist and hopefully will be the start of more danceable tracks to come. Band member Aisha says, “[This collaboration] has a special place in my heart, and the fact that we got to work with Chris (TheFatRat) was such an honor.” Band member Si-Hyeon adds, “My personal highlight was to record ‘come and get me’ in an almost yelling manner. I think that part of the song hypes up the energy and will be fun to listen to.


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