Davy Williamson Not Stuck In The "Same Place" On Latest Single

From North Carolina, recording artist Davy Williamson presents a quality alternative rock single with ‘Same Place’. Adorned in stereophonic chorus-soaked guitars, the track opens with an appealing melodic line which underpins the song. Tight, punchy drums drive the momentum forward, while Willamson’s vocals are delivered with an engaging passion. A well structured pre-chorus builds anticipation for the radio-friendly chorus, which charges on with increasing intensity. With the mix verging on a subtle tube distortion throughout, the mastering is executed with finesse. Instruments are contained with just enough compression to retain their sonic texture and dynamics, allowing headroom for the listener to crank the volume and fully appreciate Williamson’s craftsmanship. Contrary to the lyrics of the song, it is clear that Williamson is not ‘stuck in the same place’. His music continues to evolve with each spin, and listeners can expect to take away something new with each of his releases.



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