MOONBEAN Goes Hard with "rck vs ocn”

One of the books!

Welcome to the world of MOONBEAN. MOONBEAN is the character of Valentina Morelli (she/they), a queer, Toronto-based artist performing as an electronic duo with bandmate and co-producer Colin Harrington.


“rck vs ocn” is a song that explores relationship dynamics, intimacy and how imbalanced they can be. This track reigns in dark wave and synth-pop vibes with crashing percussive hits and soaring synth lines with a sense of urgency.

MOONTUNES is the debut heavy-hitting, experimental synth-pop release from MOONBEAN. It explores texture and tone through a wide selection of hardware synthesizers and driving drum machines. Paying homage to 80’s new wave, acid-house, techno and disco with a whimsical twist, this EP packs in a powerful combination of nostalgia and imagination.

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