Dorothy Lawrence on Six Things You Must Know Before Starting a Nonprofit Organization

Starting a non-profit organization is a dream and passion for some people. However, doing charity is not as easy as it may seem. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do for a living — if the world's problems are your passion and your dream of creating a charity organization, you should know some things before jumping in. Dorothy Lawrence, the CEO of Dorothy Butler Law Firm, helps people build successful non-profit entities. Dorothy believes running non-profit organizations should involve as much strategic thinking as running a for-profit organization.

The following are the six most important things Dorothy recommends considering before starting a non-profit organization.

  1. Know the Difference Between Non-profit and Not-For-Profit Organizations

Dorothy regularly comes across people who confuse non-profit and not-for-profit organizations. You need to know the difference before you jump in. Non-profit organizations that offer free services and charities for the public good. These organizations are tax-exempt by the IRS. Not-for-profit organizations do not necessarily provide for the public good. These organizations benefit society and communities. They are also tax-exempt by the IRS. Examples of not-for-profit organizations include amateur sports clubs, hobby clubs, dinner clubs, etc.

  1. Specify Your Mission

Dorothy regards having a deeper mission as extremely vital for starting a non-profit organization. If you want your non-profit organization to succeed and attract people, you should have a mission statement that speaks to the public’s heart, she says. Dorothy believes that non-profits should explain very clearly to the people why they exist, who they serve, what services they provide, and why they are important for society.

  1. Choose A Good Name

The more attractive and deeper your non-profit's name is, the more the public will love it. If you want the public to notice you and love you, Dorothy says, make sure you name your non-profit organization uniquely and precisely. Dorothy's rule for a perfect name for a non-profit is a name that embodies the mission of the non-profit organization.

  1. Raise Awareness

Just because you are not expecting any money out of your non-profit organization doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be marketing it. Marketing, in the case of non-profits, is basically raising awareness about it. You will need the support of the public for your mission to succeed, Dorothy says, and that’s why you should earn their support by raising awareness about your non-profit initiatives. According to Dorothy, the key to a good awareness campaign is making sure your message resonates with the general public.

  1. Think of Fundraising

It is very difficult for non-profit organizations to succeed without fundraising. You need to decide which donors you will rely on in order to fund your operation. Dorothy recommends deciding on specific fundraising methods since there are a lot of methods you can pick from. Make sure the way you fundraise doesn’t affect your mission statement in any negative way.

  1. Write A Good Business Plan

Dorothy believes that non-profit organizations should invest as much effort in writing their business plan as other types of businesses. Make sure you have properly outlined all your goals in your business plan and how you will achieve them. You should explain your worth to the public in your business plan in the form of the positive change you want to create in society.

How Can the Dorothy Butler Law Firm Help You?

If you want to get your non-profit up and running successfully, Dorothy Butler Law Firm can help. Dorothy Lawrence is fully dedicated to helping non-profit organizations. The Dorothy Butler Law Firm will not only help you launch your non-profit but also grow it.


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