Bobby and the Crew Releases New Music

If the synthetic vocal harmonies aren’t enough to paint a backdrop for you in the new single “Robot M 2052,” the grinding beat driving this track most definitely will. To say that Bobby and the Crew are out on a creative limb with this release might be putting things a bit too mildly; in all actuality, what they’ve done here is more of a hybrid than what a lot of their contemporaries have been producing recently, which is no small statement for any critic to make right now. In pop music, things are getting very postmodern in 2022 - but this band is looking to blaze ahead on their own in a big way here.

The lead vocal is meant to induce as much tension as possible in this mix, and where it might not have gone as well for the percussive element in the backend with a different set of performers at the helm of the instruments, it works out surprisingly fine for Bobby and the Crew. A big part of this could be that the band is just that aware of what they’re trying to illustrate with this music, skewing the synthetic with the humble to make something wholly theirs and theirs alone.


Through many layers in this mix, we’re able to get as full-bodied an industrial pop/rock tone as possible from the music without feeling like we’re listening to something entirely removed from humanity, which is one of the hardest things to accomplish when making this style of music, let alone making it in a way that will be palatable to the majority of listeners who happen to give it a spin. This isn’t a track made in the essence nor shadow of another aesthetic, or an act that has already experimented with the sound Bobby and the Crew are here - it’s quite the opposite, and makes no qualms about showing off its originality.


This is perhaps one of the more detailed structures I’ve come across in an independently released pop single this year, but it’s not so overwhelmingly intricate that we get lost in the finer points of the music. Truth be told, there’s a seamlessness to the execution at the microphone that I wish I could hear more of in straightforward pop music, especially on the mainstream side of the dial (where a lot of players have abandoned such formulas in the name of progressive compositional concepts).

If you’re in the mood for an intriguing pop listen that isn’t going to follow the same path as every other single you’ve been spinning over the past few months, you’re likely to find “Robot M 2052” as charming as I did. July has always been a good month for music, but this is a piece that doesn’t feel tethered to the time of its release nor the scene from which it’s being launched; there’s something undisputedly indie about every part of this song, and it’s a fine reflection of who the creators are without any need for debate among critics.

Anne Hollister

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Anne Hollister

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