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Fearless Success by John Foley

Fearless Success, written by former lead solo pilot of the famed Blue Angels John Foley, is a powerful motivational work with a vibrant instructive quality. Foley brings his unique experience as a member of the United States Armed Forces legendary Navy flying squadron to bear on an examination of methodologies and philosophies capable to aiding anyone in realizing their potential. The book begins with a broad overview of what Foley’s aims are with the book, brief testimony about his professional history and his belief in the book’s ideas. It is a strong beginning, likely necessary, but I would have liked a little more of the personal history moved up into the introduction rather than emerging for the first time a little under a quarter into the book. It is unnecessary to promote the book so strong so early. This is a work that speaks for itself.


Foley’s impassioned exploration of the lessons learned from his time with the Blue Angels, the processes he advocates for his own clients and readers alike, and lays out these relatively straightforward ideas with clear writing and even a slight poetic flair. The structure of the book is coherent and the successful weaving of examination and personal reminiscence running throughout Fearless Success deepens the overall impact. One of the more impressive passages for me comes early on during the book when he discusses the difference between dangerous and unforgiving situations. Foley doesn’t put over anything impractical – his ideas for realizing self-improvement are grounded in core values anyone is capable of developing. One of his more surprising ideas, insofar as it admittedly did not occur to me, is the idea of Glad to Be Here/ The cultivation of genuine gratitude to be in a position where you are unfettered at last and well placed to transform others lives and your own.

Foley backs up his ideas with a smattering of research as well, but Fearless Success never succumbs to any sort of academic slant. The research, instead, underlines the aforementioned philosophies and methodologies without ever distracting readers from following Foley’s authoritative voice. Emblematic of his pragmatic approach towards building performance, it is telling Foley stresses the importance of grounding everything you do and you can trace that quality emerging from various points throughout the book. He mingles pragmatic ideas like this with others like the importance of ritual – but even these less than tangible manifestations of our purpose are presented with the same certainty and clarity found elsewhere.


Fearless Success is a very different sort of entry in the “motivational” genre. Often times writers of this ilk step forth with works chock full of life lessons picked up over the course of everyday life, but John Foley takes that a step further than ever before with his quantifiable experience as a key member in the Blue Angels. Such experiences are rare – a point Foley makes early on the book, His attention grabbing tone shares space with an inviting and comprehensible demeanor – Foley renders potential generalities like gratitude, belief, and so forth into actionable instructions. It is no small achievement and this book deserves wide attention.  

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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