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Bill Treasurer "Courage Goes To Work"

Bill Treasurer - Courage Goes To Work

Bill Treasurer, a longtime workforce consultant and founder of Giant Leap Consulting, has written two previous books detailing his theories and experiences dealing with workplace issues and it shows in his latest Courage Goes to Work. There is an easy, yet confident, tone running throughout the text that makes potentially dry subject matter easy reading for those interested in the book’s point of view and Treasurer succeeds making his ideas digestible for his audience. These aren’t intricate ideas he’s putting forth towards readers. Instead, I am always struck, in this work and others, how individuals like Treasurer and many of his colleagues in this area, are often pointing out things we instinctively know or have otherwise jettisoned from memory over the course of our day to day lives.


The idea that no substantive personal growth emerges from comfort is one of the book’s key points. It’s an idea that, if we survey our own lives and those around us, we see illustrated all the time. A certain amount of pain accompanies growth and, without it, any progress we make is fleeting at best. Treasurer emphasizes that for an employee to produce at their very best in their chosen field, they must harbor the willingness to try new things, new approaches, and take chances despite whatever fear of failure they might have.

To this end, he stresses that employers must create a “safe” environment for these individuals – they must know that failure doesn’t mean professional disaster and thus they will feel more emboldened to put themselves on the line expecting success rather than hiding under their covers, in a way, eyes wide and ears attuned for the first sound of an axe falling down on them.

Like many authors and thinkers in this area, Treasurer’s book grounds his ideas around a set of guiding principles. In this case, those are two fold – the first are his “Three Buckets of Courage”. – TRY, TRUST, and TELL. The three buckets emphasize ideals of putting forth the required effort for desired results, trusting in those around and above you that your efforts, contributions, and person are respected, and a willingness to offer constructive feedback or otherwise sharing your feelings with co-workers and superiors alike.

His “Courage Foundation Model” details a path through which employers can build an environment where the aforementioned is possible. It urges employers to push their employees to go straight into a task, leaving any misgivings they may have at the, by setting an example for employees to follow.

 It goes on to encourage a safe environment where employees feel they have the license to act courageously without endangering their future. It advises that fear can be harnessed into positive energy. The final of its four points instructs employers to modulate comfort – meaning it accepts employers should make the uncomfortable more comfortable for their workers, but likewise underlines yet again the usefulness of discomfort in sparking an individual’s creativity.

There is much more contained within this relatively brief volume. Bill Treasurer has brought the full weight of years of experience advising employers and employees alike to bear on this project and, as a result, Courage Goes to Work rates as one of the more impressive offerings on its subject in recent memory.


Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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