Interview w/ Sean Aston MacTaggart

A fair-weather love—someone who’s come and gone through the years. For Sean Aston MacTaggart, that person returned to his life four years ago, time began again, and a record was born. The upcoming album, Love You Always, is a collection of six tracks which MacTaggart cut to a tape machine in his parents’ empty suburban home. He spent his nights recording from midnight till dawn in the stillness, a process that’s translated intimately.

Lead single "Only Been An Hour" weaves endearing, detailed lyricism through nostalgic guitar strumming creating a depiction of love both relational and personal.

Thank you for sharing some time with our readers today, what have you been up to in 2019?  

Thank you for having me. The year has been good. I've traveled, met strangers, and played shows. The world seems bigger since sharing Love You Always. And I feel like I have only reached the base of the mountain.

How did you first get started with this project?

Four years ago, I met with a friend I had not seen in years. It was as if time had begun again. I was caught off guard. I was excited. I was going to write an album. And so I set out to create the most honest record I could.

What has most surprised you about this release so far?

I spend a lot of time wondering if Only Been an Hour speaks for only me, or for others too. It's been wonderful hearing that strangers feel the same way I do. They tell me their own stories?—of fleeting moments, and bitter goodbyes. It's magic that we connect through song.

Could you share with us the meaning behind  "Only Been An Hour"?

It's my fair-weather love—a divine moment between dear friends destined to part ways. It recurs, and in the end, we always say goodbye.

How has your community inspired the making of your music?

I'm drawn to artists. All kinds. Shoegazers, campfire heroes, soul singers, jack kerouac superfans, the cats, and all the dreamers. I'm friends with them. They've given me a colourful palette. Love You Always paints with the basics, and with splashes of admiration for those artists.

What's next for you? Have you got any tour dates upcoming?

There's everything next to do! I want to keep sharing Love You Always, and I'm making plans. To start—an album release is in the works. Somewhere intimate and close to the heart. Until then, you can often find me playing the Painted Lady on Mondays, and B-Side Lounge on Wednesdays.

Written by Auteur Research

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