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Gleb Tsipursky “Never Go with Your Gut”

Sometimes you have to point out the obvious. Errant or erratic emotions can lead the smartest people into the weeds and advocating making life’s biggest decisions based on emotion and instinct alone enshrines this noble stupidity. We invest a lot of well-meaning romance around the concept of “trusting your gut”; we see such figures as iconoclastic gunslingers of a sort enjoying triumph after triumph hinging more on innate feel than any objective discipline. Gleb Tsipursky sees how capriciousness behind this design for life and applying it from a leadership role in a company or organization often produces poor results. His new book Never Trust Your Gut: How Pioneering Leaders Make the Best Decision and Avoid Business Disasters demolishes the ill-advised romance surrounding instinctual decision-making and burns with fierce intelligent throughout its pages.


Tsipursky’s writing dominates the book’s presentation and that’s a good thing. I can only imagine, having never attended one of his public speaking engagements, that the tone and cadence of his prose in Never Trust Your Gut is a near or approximate translating of his oration. If so, it is little wonder he is in such demand. The book’s writing is assertive without ever sounding strident and imbues the non-fiction content with an attribute rare for the form – a voice as distinctive as what we might read in top notch first person fictional narration.

This book does take readers on a journey. Tsipursky, with near missionary zeal, breaks down the “feel” approach towards decision making early on and expands on its alternatives with equal fluency. He doesn’t rely on rhetorical force alone to convince readers; research reinforces his conclusions and assertions at every point in the text. His penchant for withering reason, however, is never far away. Tsipursky brings impassioned and questioning intelligence to the book’s issues and concerns. His enthusiasm for the topic is real and will be infectious for many.

He does include some step by step lists and illustrations to flesh out Never Trust Your Gut further, but there are far fewer instances of their use than we encounter in many books of this type. You can hear the distinct influence of an academic background in his work, but Tsipursky has perfected a conversational style capable of carrying an entire book without much in the way of supporting materials. Reading Never Trust Your Gut isn’t an uneventful and by the numbers reading experience.


Maybe it points out the obvious for some readers in no need of its lessons but there are many out there who need to do more than read this book; they need to internalize it or, to cheekily borrow a cliché, take it to heart. Let it be noted the reviewer fell on his sword and agreed with the author’s positions in toto. Gleb Tsipursky makes a convincing argument for a rational and considered approach to decision making that should never date. Its timeless qualities say a lot about its understanding of humanity and that aspect transcends its value for organizations and businesses.

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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