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What does it mean to be a cowboy or a rancher in the year 2020? Is working the land in Germany any different than say, being a farmer in Iowa? The uniting principle – music. Rob Georg, who is originally from Germany, has released a very strong collection of country songs, some with strong pop leanings in the 15-track strong album, Radio Cowboy.

One of the more interesting things about Radio Cowboy, besides the fact that Georg really can sing is that as a songwriter he really invites the listener into hearing songs about every day stuff and even animals. Afterall, animals are certainly part of ranching and man’s best friend is not left out. Georg is also an equestrian (previously serving as president of the National Cutting Horse Association of Germany and showed Cutting Horses in both Europe and North America), and the moving portrait of the loss of his horse in “Carry The Wind”. His storytelling is just riveting and as a listener, I found myself just enamored with this image of a man having to put down his horse – “I watched him break into a run, then every rodeo we ever won came flooding back, I grinned from ear to ear . A horse like that comes along once in a lifetime…” Georg sings.

The sadness and restrained emotion Georg exhibits is just one gem in Radio Cowboy. He also mentions animals in “My Family’s Got Fur”,  “Push That Horn” and “Beast of Steel”. These songs have such sincerity and pure admiration, and it’s a joyful listen.


Just as Conway Twitty could melt hearts with one swoon, Georg has the capability of luring ears with his gentlemanly approach and handsome singing. Without even looking at his picture, his voice is rugged in “When I Make It Home For Christmas”, a song about soldiers and freedom. Fans of George Strait will find something they like, especially tracks like “This Old House” the more traditional twangy, “Ghost”. His lyrics in “Ghost” are “I’ll spend the rest of my life here where your image is so life-like, yes, I’ll spend the rest of my life haunted by your ghost” and words just melt away flush against the bending, steel guitar bridge. Georg lets his personality loose a bit in “This Aint My First Rodeo” and in title track song, he’s traveling from radio station to radio station selling his songs.

At times the songs blur between country and pop, and that’s okay. Overall, Georg’s Radio Cowboy has the makings of something very special. It’s a big collection of songs, and like the big sky, there’s enough room for all ‘em in the country landscape. Georg is an exciting artist to watch and as a listener, it was evident he poured his heart and soul into every note and riff. He shines the most when he’s singing about his beloved animal friends, but that’s not to say his songs about dreaming of success and tender-hearted love are not just as moving. He does it – he’s a modern singing cowboy, that Rob Georg. Suffice it to say, Radio Cowboy is worth lassoing into your musical playlists. Radio Cowboy is produced by Kristin K. Smith and was recorded in Nashville.

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

We do music reviews for Independent Artists and Publicists.



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