The Sun Harmonic Unleash Glorious New Single "Sign on the Road"
Heading into the weekend in a delightful way

Canada's The Sun Harmonic brings a delightful breath of fresh air in the crazy world this week. 

Sharing with us today their glorious new single "Sign on the Road," the group takes a charming turn on a track that is catchy from start to finish. With brightly strummed guitars and brilliant vocals, the group recalls artists such as Sam Roberts, off the top of our heads. 
Bold piano is placed throughout which bring the instrumentation of the song to life. The vocals, are both vibrant and dreamy as the story inside takes you on a musical journey with the band.
Songwriter Kaleb Hikele of the band shares:
Sign On The Road was written in one night, sitting on the piano bench as I watched a US election roll in. It's optimistic, uplifting and hopeful, with open ended lyrics that let you define your own meaning. Who knew we would need this song so badly in this isolated world we unexpectedly live in, the song is coming out just as my own city shuts down to quarantine and the irony of singing "I see this sign on the road" is heavy. I'm proud to give this song to those who need it the most today.
Sign is one of my favourite songs that I've carried with me on the road for many years now. I've toured the song as a solo artist across the country and even recorded it as a demo with another band entirely called The Other Birds a while ago. It's taken so many years and experiences to finally sink in, to find the right place in time to be performed (with my current rock trio) and be recorded properly (live off the floor at a favourite studio of mine called The Chalet in Ontario). I'd been to The Chalet once ten years ago for my debut album and five years ago to record songs for "Winter", and I brought the same engineer from the Winter sessions to pay tribute to this past. Josh Bowman brought the perfect touch to this one studio day where we recorded all five songs live in a room together.
When we (Dave, Ian and I) recorded this song last December, I got goosebumps by take 2 and even bigger chills on take 3 (the final take, unedited in the final recording). The sun was shining over the snow on the hill outside, the tempo we had was perfect and it all locked in. The energy is palpable and right from the beginning I knew it was heading in the right direction for a song that deserved it. Back in my home studio, I refrained from adding all the instruments that I could and stuck to doubling the acoustic guitars and keyboard melodies, to let it breathe with a rock and roll rhythm. The arrangement is minimal so the melody and refrain can overpower, heck there are more vocals on the song that instruments! I love how it turned out and I hope you all do too. Take care out there, listen loudly.
The Sun Harmonic is a solo folk act that grew into a rock and roll band and the main creative outlet for Canadian composer Kaleb Hikele since 2009. An eclectic songwriter and adventurous recording artist from Toronto's east end, raised in the small town of St.Thomas, Ontario. After a decade using his stage name, the artist was gratefully showcased by Canada's Walk of Fame in downtown Toronto and Festival Du Voyageur in Winnipeg 2020. Now a folk-rock trio, the group is ready to Rock and Roll more than ever.
"Sign on the Road," is an uplifting piece that our ears surely do need right now. Forge ahead The Sun Harmonic; we need you now more than ever. Their new record It's All Okay, Thanks To You, is out April 17. 
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Written by Freelance Writer

Emily Hinde



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