Catching up with Commas & Lambo
Indie Hip Hop on the Rise
Commas & Lambo are an intriguing indie Hip Hop duo who have come to life with their latest releases "JK-47." The record which was released late last year via the established Jeffrey Drag Records, is a bold and unique album that will intrigue you from start to finish. We had the honor of sitting with Commas & Lambo's Tony Gee for an exclusive inteview below.
Last year saw the release of your newest EP. When writing the new songs, what was your inspiration behind the pieces?
These songs are just a product of the mindset I lived with when I stayed out in the Nations.  I went through a lot and learned a lot as a young adult on my own in west Nashville and that naturally bled into my music.
When creating and penning the latest tracks, what artists or influences did you channel?
To be real, these are the only songs I've ever written if not at least the very first songs where I don't think I channeled anyone in their creation.
You seem to be very hands on in the process of your music and songwriting which is GREAT! Can you walk us through the process for the latest release?
Lambo and I linked on a random tip a few years ago.  He had been working on EDM tracks and was starting to experiment with sounds that were more hip-hop, so he hit me up and I asked him to send me snippets.  After a few weeks, I had some songs written and once we started recording, we just didn't stop.  A couple years later, we had the meat for JK-47.
The whole EP from start to finish is absolutely brilliant! Can you tell us how you created the idea or concept for the record and how you brought it to life?
The thing is, there was no real concept.  This EP is basically an anthology series based on a 2 year period of my life; I wrote the songs as they came, and they just meshed together.
When writing songs, what key instruments or elements do you start with?  Or a combination of things?
All it usually takes is me listening to another song, hearing a line I like, and thinking of what I would've said instead or what rhyme I would've used.  From there, I've got one line that turns into a verse that turns into a whole song, sometimes before I even hear the right beat.
With the new songs in tow, how does the song differ from your prior work? Or who does it feed into the upcoming?
I think all my current music is just a continuation of my prior work and always has been.  Obviously I'm polishing as I go, but it's all me and it's hard for me to differentiate.
As we head further into 2020, what do you want to accomplish? 

With my project successfully completed and released, I took it easy for the remainder of 2019 to get some other moves in order.  New music is always still in the works but I'm letting it breathe. Then you can expect some features, some videos, andmaybeevenawholenewprojectinthespring, who knows? 

Written by Freelance Writer

Emily Hinde



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