Allegra is amongst those urging positivity and self love during quarantine
During troubled times such as these, it’s important for those of us with a platform to promote safety and security to those who may be listening. Allegra is the latest star to take to social media with a message for her followers.

Her instructions are simple, yet vital. “Give yourself a hug <3” said the ‘All About Us’ star on her Instagram feed. This sort of action sends a message to your subconscious, saying that you are deserving of love and comfort. 


The star continued, “There’s a lot on our minds right now but don’t forget to take care of yourself, meditate, move, do something creative with your time and stay positive! X” Wise words indeed from one of the youngest fresh new talents on the dance-pop scene. 


‘All About Us’ was a commercial and critical success from the teenage superstar, climbing up multiple Billboard charts simultaneously and breaking into the top ten iTunes charts in countless countries. It’s a song with a similarly vital message - that love trumps all. 


Concluding her post with the hashtag “#staysafe”, it’s a message of care which Allegra has decided to put out into the world - and one that is very welcome. 


Stay safe indeed, everyone.


Watch the ‘All About Us’ music video down below and follow Allegra on her socials for the most up-to-date information on live dates and new releases. 


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Written by Penelope Parker

Penelope Parker



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