Sasha Siem, chanting monks and Aboriginal Australians... what do they all have in common?
Sasha Siem was counted amongst a varied group of musicians - including monks chanting in medieval cathedrals, yoga practitioners with their oms or Aboriginal Australians playing the didgeridoo - all because of the healing powers of her sound.

That’s right - in these trying times we can count wholeheartedly on music in order to relax our bodies and keep our spirits up, says a Metro piece about the healing nature of vibrations in music. 


Like all the other music recorded for this album cycle, Siem’s latest release ‘Kaleidoscope’ was recorded in the controversial Love Frequency, 432Hz. The effect of the Love Frequency is to physically relax your body, triggering chemical reactions within your systems which result in unpremeditated relaxation. It’s a way of connecting with the universe through the power of song. It’s an interesting addition and perfect complement to Sasha’s music, which already manages to sound meditative yet utterly compelling. Recording her album in this frequency not only sets her even further apart from her peers in terms of her creativity, but encourages us to experience her music differently.


Siem says that her upcoming album, Holy, is “about the collective experience - the things that make us human, the aspects of our society that unite us…” This is a bold intention set by the woman who already holds the title of the British Composer Award, one of the youngest ever recipients. With this album, Sasha aims to recentre and ground herself again after all her previous success. And with the Love Frequency to accompany her beautiful lyrical content and harmonious tunes, ‘Kaleidoscope’ is sure to leave you in a similar state of serene bliss.


Watch the video for ‘Kaleidoscope’ down below and let us know in the comments if it made you feel more relaxed!


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Written by Penelope Parker

Penelope Parker



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