Go By Ocean Premiere Highly Anticipated New Single
Let's Listen in Closely...
San Francisco based Go By Ocean is back in action in 2020 as they premiere the highly anticipated single and video release for "Nightmares." The song takes you away on a heavenly cloud that uplifts you from start to finish. It's dreamy and haunting, intriguing and soulful. "Nightmares," takes you on a musical journey as it's crafted intricately both in lyricism and musicianship.
Frontman Ryan McCaffrey shares of the track:
“Nightmares” is essentially about our subconscious playing out in our dreams. How our minds deal with fear, jealousy, resentment and many other unsettled emotions. For me, some of these nightmares have become a reality when these issues haven’t been processed. However, the greater message in this song is hope and transcendence. Making the best effort to work through these infections of the mind and find peace.
Go By Ocean brings the light into the darkness, while making each story beautiful within. The video for the song is equally impressive as it was directed by Jaffy Riddle. The combination of the director and the group make for a dreamy match that help bring the vision of the band to the world.
"Nightmares" is the first single from their forthcoming album ‘Mend the Morning Light’ out May 22nd. 

Written by Freelance Writer

Emily Hinde



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