Single Review: Ashley Puckett "Bulletproof"
‘Bulletproof’ is designed to raise your pulse and rock your socks off.

It is apparent that Pennsylvania born Ashley Puckett means business with her latest single ‘Bulletproof’. Taken from her debut album, ‘Never Say Never’, this track is tough as nails. The music is a fusion of blues and roots, with a healthy dose of rock injected for kicks. Puckett’s band is highly accomplished, with banjo extraordinairre John Willis adding unforgettable, top-end texture in the otherwise meaty chorus. The lyrics plead for the song’s subject to ‘open up [their] armoured heart’ to let Puckett in; a daring and seductive proposition, or perhaps an offer that cannot be refused. Listeners are intimately involved from the get-go, as Puckett implores them to drop their defenses. A bold and daring number, ‘Bulletproof’ is designed to raise your pulse and rock your socks off. - TMC

Written by MTS Management Group

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