niecesandnephews Unveils Epic EP, Out Today
We're Hooked!
niecesandnephews come alive today with the bold and brilliant new EP, "Lines Appearing Parallel." Made in the true essence of the times, niecesandnephews delivers the goods from start to finish. 
The EP is a bold and fruitful record that brings to life the true spirit of the musical project. niecesandnephews is the brainchild of Brooklyn-based songwriter and musician Mario Gutierrez who takes his enchanting musical talents and brings them to life within each song.
Mario shares of the EP:

"This EP reflects on experiences of being led astray. The wish that maybe you said something different. Thinking back and feeling better that it may have been something else, something that was out of your control. Did your best to be vulnerable. Then the cycle of confusion/anger comes back but not as strong or ill tempered. It's a sonic representation of this experience. A flower appearing to be at arms reach but there’s 80 feet and a fence between."


The dreamy EP release is sonically alluring with every note. With standout favorites being songs such as "Out There," and "The Path Back to Each Other," niecesandnephews does not disappoint. Each song stands prominently on it's own, while also creating a strong group as whole, which adds nicely to the niecesandnephews catalog. The end result is an alluring EP that will suck you in with every listen and the spirit of the pieces shine through. It's safe to say that niecesandnephews is a project to put on your radar, as it's only the beginning of what Mario Gutierrez has to offer. 
Our ears are ready to dive into more...
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Emily Hinde



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