Cozmic Unleashes His Best Yet, "Rise For You"
Kicking off your Friday vibes

Cozmic’s new single “Rise For You” is the track we all need right now. A pleasant surprise before we kick off the weekend, the artist shares an upbeat Pop-laced track that already has us head over heels. 


Cozmic’s music shines brightly in the dark world of current events, giving a glimmer of hope and a breath of fresh air into your daily norm. Like everything that Cozmic releases, the song is a true labor of love and you can hear the enthusiasm he puts into his songs. The piece is sonically alluring, bringing a smart and intricate sound to your ears.


Cozmic gives a insight on "Rise For You" :


"It's exciting to fall for someone but it might be even cooler to rise for someone instead. Most of us have those rare people in our lives that fully understand us in all our flavors and colors; by the way they 'get' us, it brings out our best qualities and the highest versions of ourselves. I wanted to make a song dedicated to those people. It's a total experiment cuz it brings in a bunch of my diverse influences ranging from emo-trap artists like Trevor Daniel and Iann Dior all the way to indie-pop bands like Bastille and One Republic. But that's just me. I never subscribe to fitting neatly into a box so my music will always be a bit hard to describe and define." 


Playful and purposeful, Cozmic has cultivated an irresistible and invigorating lifestyle musical platform that reflects the vibrant legacy of his Venice Beach environs. For decades, the freaky beach town has been a counterculture hotspot linked to artists as diverse as Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, and Perry Farrell. Cozmic’s genre-defying sensibility is a modern-day soundtrack to this fertile scene. His aesthetic epitomizes the beach’s current mishmash of art, tech, spirituality, and yoga colliding with punk rock, skate, and surfer culture. His music embraces pop, electro-pop, indie-pop, R&B, singer-songwriter narrative writing, and urban-pop.  His latest work recalls diverse artists ranging from Two Feet to Khalid, Blackbear, and Dermot Kennedy. Cozmic’s vibrantly varied artistry reflects his upbringing as something of a beloved misfit. In elementary school, he was a bookworm with an East Coast preppy sensibility, drastically out of synch with his surfer and skate rat peers. By sixth grade, however, Cali culture, girls, hip-hop, rock, and electronic music flipped him. He would go onto embrace seemingly disparate genres and cultures such as hip-hop, metal, indie, and pop. To this day, this freewheeling sensibility imbues Cozmic music and his lifestyle. 



“Rise For You” is a perfectly crafted song for 2020 and our ears are ready for more!


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Written by Freelance Writer

Emily Hinde



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