‘Blue Sky Days’ sees Rachael Sage reach new heights in lyrical depth and expression.

‘Blue Sky Days’, the latest release from acclaimed alt-folk musician Rachael Sage, sees this artist reach new heights in lyrical depth and expression.


Like every other song in this album cycle, ‘Blue Sky Days’ was written in the wake of Sage’s experiences battling uterine cancer. We see Sage adopt a newfound sense of gratitude, with the lyrical content reflecting the “most humbling mountain” she’d ever been asked to climb.


This track in particular, inspired in part by the imagery used in popular meditation app, Headspace, sees Sage return to music for the first time since her treatment. The use of music as a tool to heal here is overtly apparent, and you can hear gratitude and wonder poured into every note of the song.


The video is similarly visionary. Filmed in the historical Evarts Ice Rink in Katonah, NY and art-directed by Sage herself, the video is a mix of expansive skating movements paired against Sage’s wonderfully intimate piano performance - the effect is both comforting and chilling at the same time, giving us some insight into what this recovery might mean for her.


Watch the video for ‘Blue Sky Days’ below!



Written by Penelope Parker

Penelope Parker



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