Jaymison is a Treasure for 2020; "CLASSIC" Out Today!
We're hooked!
Jaymison is on fire with his fresh new album, "CLASSIC." The epic 5-song EP brings the essence of the new and noteworthy artist to center stage, as he takes the reigns in the current world of music. From start to finish, each song on the release takes you on a musical journey. Jaymison, does a stellar job at not only penning catchy songs, but writing relatable and memorable lyrics; something that has become scarce in the modern day. 

From the opening track "yellow squash," which brings a Folk-Pop element, to the dreamy "pretty mama," Jaymison creates a sound that is truly his own.
Caleb Bullock of Jaymison shares if the release:
"CLASSIC is a compilation of songs that I wrote within a year and half time. Kinda wrote most of these songs out of being giddy like when you’re a kid waiting in class for summer break to come. Some of the songs are very personal like Yellow Squash while others like Robert De Niro are tunes to give me the ole kick in the ass whenever I’m feeling bummed. Overall CLASSIC is my way of moving on to the next chapter of writing tunes."

Jaymison is the name that Caleb J. Bullock uses to share his cool-toned and crisp-feeling melodies. His sound is a South Floridian burnished beach folk mixed with the passive pop of his New York forming. His single, Yellow Squash, was released in August of 2018 and has thankfully graced the playlists of such as Spotify’s “Fresh Finds”, Apeiron, and others. Across 2019, Jaymison continued to release soft pop singles, Pretty Mama, Robert De Niro, and most recently, Wedding Song.

His new EP, CLASSIC, will collect these singles along with the new, Kinda Sucks, self-is out today, May 22.  Bound to be one of your favorite releases of the Spring, if not the year, Jaymison has instantly proven he has staying power...and we're loving it.
Find & Listen to Jaymison:

Written by Freelance Writer

Emily Hinde



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