Getting to Know Guilty Giraffe
One of 2020's hottest buzzbands

Guilty Giraffe is a musical explosion that needs to be on your radar now. The group, who hail from New York, bring a fresh sound to the table, as they create the ultimate blend of Punk, Garage, Shoegaze and Metal. Their latest single "Washed Out," is one of our favorite songs of the past few months, and the group are going full steam ahead for 2020. We had the pleasure of catching up with Mat and Will from the group, for an insightful interview you can dive into, below.


This year we see the release of your newest single, "Washed Out". When writing the new tracks overall, what was your inspiration behind them? What drove you both musically and lyrically?

"Washed Out" was definitely going for a shoegaze vibe. I had most of the song written and we just kind of jammed it out with the band. The song is about my Mom. Overall, I just try to write music I think sounds cool and is fun to play. I mostly wrote about my life and people I know. -  Mat

When creating and penning the latest songs, what artists or influences did you channel?

Oh Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine...No Age, Nirvana, A Place to Bury Strangers. All my favorites. We've already written a new album as a full band, and everyone brought so many different influences; we kind of found common ground. - Mat

I'd say in the newer songs I've written it's been a little Hendrix meets Dinosaur Jr. -Will

You seem to be very hands on in the process of your music and songwriting which is GREAT! Can you walk us through the process for the latest release?

Mat wrote all the songs on this album a while ago, and they were recorded in the past with a different drummer. I recorded our latest album at SUNY Purchase for a Junior project, with all the current members playing. It was quite a process, but having the ability to do it all yourself is really nice, since you can make it exactly the way you want it. -Will

When you have a concept for a song, how do you execute it? What comes first? The lyrics, the music, or do they work hand in hand?

Always the music first for me; I like to try and write with lyrics first. One of us usually comes to practice with a riff, a full song, or even just a noise, and we work it out. Or sometimes we just come up with things just straight jamming. Whatever feels good. - Mat

Generally I write chord progressions, which eventually grow into songs one way or another-Will

With the new music in tow, how does the song differ from your prior work? Or does it feed into a new realm for you as an artist?

It's the first album to feature our full new band with Will, Kevin and Shane, so we really wanted to showcase how we currently sound. These songs are actually a little old. We recorded them and reworked them to how we sound now. - Mat

As 2020 is off to a running start, what surprises do you have up your sleeve in terms of music, videos, and additional releases this year; especially in the current realm of things?

Well, we wrote a new album before quarantine started. We're just trying to figure out how we can get started recording and get it out because it's the best stuff we've ever done as GG. We really want to start going on tour but it doesn't look like that will be possible anytime soon, so we're going to try and keep busy with media and content. - Mat

We're also gonna put out a single from this new album I recorded very soon. Stay tuned! -Will
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Emily Hinde



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