Astraea's 'Tonight I Run' (Independent Single Review)

“Doubt is the enemy stealing my mind” Astraea exclaims in her new single ‘Tonight I Run’ as she details the internal battles she has fought with herself during her career in the music industry. The anthemic chorus is more like material from female-fronted metal from acts such as Within Temptation, Epica, Evanescence and Nightwish to name but a few.

The emotion in the vocal delivery is genuine and whilst the music is defiantly upbeat, the relatable lyrics are written in a way that seems like you are traveling with her as she sings. However, what seems really refreshing with this release is that not only is it written by Astraea but she also produced the track and this allows her to have a certain level of creative control which is not always the case.

To summarise, ‘Tonight I Run’ is the song that Astraea wanted to create and she was able to do that and as a result we have the perfect slice of pop perfection.

Written by Penelope Parker

Penelope Parker



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