Scout Gillett Details New Release and the Journey to Get There
Catching up with the melodic songstress

Scout Gillett is the musical mastermind behind the new single "one to ten" which has been on our radar for the past few week. The new and noteworthy artist made the venute from Kansas City to Brooklyn, New York to bring her dream to life. Her new single for our ears "one to ten," is a hazy and gorgeously crafted piece that has us craving more music from Scout. With everyone from Bonnie Raitt to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Karen O. as an influence, Scout brings her own diverse sound to the table. We had the honor of catching up with Scout for an insightful interview which you'll find after the jump.

This year we see the release of your newest single, "one to ten". When writing new tracks overall, what is your inspiration behind them? What drives you both musically and lyrically? When writing new tracks I'm inspired by my own and other peoples experiences.

When creating and penning the latest song, what artists or influences did you channel? 've been very influenced by Margo Guryan, PJ Harvey, Bonnie Raitt, Cat Power and Mazzy Star.

You seem to be very hands on in the process of your music and songwriting which is GREAT! Can you walk us through the process for the latest release? I recorded with my back with Nick Kinsey at The Chicken Shack upstate and I was able to communicate the vibe and swelling I was striving for. I told Sarah Register who was mastering the track that I wanted the song to be phasey, dark and whimsical. I've managed and booked for both of my projects, So I just released it myself.

When you have a concept for a song, how do you execute it? What comes first? The lyrics, the music, or do they work hand in hand?When I execute an idea for a song, the lyrics and music go hand in hand.. there's no formula to follow.. If there was I'd probably have a lot more songs!

With the new music in tow, how does the song differ from your prior work? Or does it feed into a new realm for you as an artist?I think the new song is different from my past work and it sounds more distinct and unique.. Kinda feels like i'm creating my own sound and vibe and getting more settled..

As 2020 is off to a running start, what surprises do you have up your sleeve in terms of music, videos, and additional releases this year; especially in the current realm of things? I am going to continue recording from home, making videos, releasing music. I can't just stop expressing long as i'm well and healthy-you better believe i'll be creating and expressing myself.




Written by Freelance Writer

Emily Hinde



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