Kris James breaks out of the Liverpool live music circuit to unleash 'Naive'
'Naive' is an exciting look at what's to come next from the Liverpudlian singer-songwriter

The electric guitar opening on Liverpudlian Kris James’s new single ‘Naïve’ sets the high production standard early on as he tells the listener “I’m standing tall so no need to bow”. The message of defiance is a relatable one and the rich trumpet sound and upbeat synths and it conjures images of sunshine and beaches as you listen.

The lead vocal is perfect for the pop genre and not dissimilar to the solo material from Nathan Sykes. However, you can hear that Kris James has really developed his own style as he spent earlier years performing on the live music circuit in Liverpool, treading the streets there first to form a foundation for him to create his own path.

In summary, ‘Naïve’ is a welcome return by Kris James and with a full record release in the near future, it is an exciting preview of what is to come.


Written by Penelope Parker

Penelope Parker



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