Lowlight Reveal Hot New Song of the Summer
Discovering your new favorite band for 2020

For Lowlight, the ideas of band and family are inseparable – for them, playing music together is more than an artistic or commercial venture, but a way to form and strengthen a community. Releasing today "Horsefoot Volume 2," the band is back and stronger than ever.

“Horsefoot Volume 2” is the welcomed remix-sequel of Lowlight’s track "Horsefoot," which debuted quite recently as a front-runner on their 2019 LP Endless Bummer. In a series of surprising adjustments, the indie band with country undertones forwarded an electronic take in this remix, an exciting move that demonstrates the band’s versatility and ultimate talent in their field. With the addition of various synths and instances of toggling the cutoff knob, “Horsefoot Volume 2” greatly contrasts its predecessor, a purely analog indie piece with just the right amount of twang. The successful experiment surely comes from a fit of quarantine boredom, where old tracks lose their concrete nature, and artists are seeing how much genre fusion they can get away with.

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The New Jersey-based outfit has been on fire since their formation in 2014, having released 3 full-length LPs since. Spearheaded out of couple Dana and Derrill Sellers’ attic, the band is hard at work showing what they can offer to the indie world. Lead singer, Renee Maskin has a gorgeous voice reminiscent of 90’s indie stand-outs like Jenny Lewis. Being able to nail anything from alt-country tracks to powerful underwater sounding electronic remixes like “Horsefoot Volume 2” showcases both the band’s incredible promise and eclectic influences.
"Horsefoot Volume 2" is out via all digital outlets today.

Written by Freelance Writer

Emily Hinde



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