Jacob Frish is Poptastic with New Single
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Jacob Frish's newest single, "Stranger", is an emotional track about a relationship heading towards its end. Lyrics filled with longing for what used to be, Frish recalls moments of the relationship he isn't ready to let go of.  A relatable feeling to most of us, this track and it's lyrics effectively capture this type of heartache. "Stranger" is Frish’s second release but still packs a sound that is reminiscent of some of the biggest names in pop music today. 


Jacob shares with us of the track:

“I consider “Stranger” my breakout into writing honest music. It’s hard to be vulnerable with yourself; but when you do, you can put a face on your demons and you can beat them. I brought this concept into the studio to face the difficult period of marriage my wife and I were experiencing. As hard as this song was to write, it allowed us to face the thing that haunted us the most. I want everyone who listens to know being emotionally vulnerable is okay and good or bad your feelings are valuable. Because in this socially distant world we are constantly longing for one thing, deep emotional connection and understanding.”


Listen in here!


Emotionally driven, Jacob Frish is an open book. Sharing his experiences through music drives his passion for music. Jacob strives to put everything into his craft. He connects his personal experience and emotions into each piece. Frish has been featured on some big stages around the midwest. He has been welcomed on a handful of radio stations, newspapers, and blogs that gave him the affirmation that this is where he belongs. Listening to Frish isn't just melody and lyrics; it's not being afraid to self reflect and express your true self. Jacob continues to leave impressions on people with his modern art.


Essentially, Jacob Frish does not disappoint with his latest single. While capped to the brim with catchy and memorable melodies, this is not all there is to Frish. His music is self-reflective and expressive of who he is. His raw talent is evident from the first lyric. He exudes potential in all facets, musically and lyrically. This track is easily going to have fans fawning over it. Jacob Frish surely has a future in music and is on his way to becoming a household name.

Written by Freelance Writer

Emily Hinde



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