Safari Room Pulls Out All the Stops for New Album
A beautifully crafted record for 2020

Safari Room's enticing imagery reigns supreme in the indie rock ethos of their latest album "Look Me Up When You Get There." With a distinctly haunting flair the tracks on the record convey a wide range of emotion; which will take you on the ride of your life.

Listen to their new album ‘Look Me Up When You Get There’ via Spotify

Throughout the album, the guitar work helps to anchor the entirety of the piece for they have an almost symphonic quality that carries from beginning to end. Tracks such as opener "One Day Here," oozes with sonic goodness, while "Around the Bend," offers up a harmonious and darker sound that echoes with sultry harmonies.

The vocals on the record emphasize the passion delivered in the tracks with a fiery passionate cadence. The rhythm never feels rushed; they take their time in ensuring that every single note is carefully embellished and perfectly placed. Layers intermingle to create a virtual kaleidoscope of color that constantly comes further into focus.

As a whole, the album comes into full bloom featuring an inspiring collection of songs that are truly a labor of love. An explosion of activity further adds to the unhinged power of the work. The instrumentation has a wall of sound quality feeling ever so gracious. By allowing a great deal of freedom into the overall record, everything about the release will have you instantly falling in love with Safari get ready.


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Written by Freelance Writer

Emily Hinde



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