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Cosmic Boulevard is a Chilean electronic dance music duo that is quickly on the rise. Formed by Joaquin & Esteban. Since 2017 they’ve making music, stretching bonds, and developing their unique sound. Between the two combined, they sum up over 12 years of experience between DJing and producing music. Their music influences come from artists such as: Daft Punk, Disclosure, AB Logic, Stevie Wonder, Rick James, Barry White, Giorgio Moroder and the following genres: House, Deep House, Future House, Funk, Indie, Alternative, Disco, Rhythm & Blues.

As of 2020, they have just released their first EP titled ”Take Me”, which includes four tracks, followed by a single in which one of the members will showcase his vocal skills. In addition, they have multiple collaborations, official remixes and other projects in the works. This year we spoke with Cosmic Boulevard on all things music in these crazy times. Interested in what they have to share? Take a peek below...


This year we see the release of your newest album, "Take Me". When writing new tracks overall, what is your inspiration behind them? What drives you both musically and lyrically?

Every time we start a new track we try some random piano chords, playing with synthesizers a little bit, testing one-shots or doing voices ourselves, specially Joaquin’s voice, which is super cool and versatile. In terms of what drives us, we are always hungry to create new beats and melodies, so we try to be constantly inspired by both new and old tunes, we both have fresh and good ideas when it comes to creating lyrics, so that part has always been easy and natural for us, and as we said earlier, Joaco’s voice is always a good asset.


When creating and penning the latest songs, what artists or influences did you channel?

Daft Punk, Disclosure are our favorite artists, but we are constantly listening to fresh tunes, and our favorite genres are House, Deep House, Progressive, Funk, Disco, Indie. Our musical taste varies a lot, so you can find various elements on our tracks, and we think that is what gives our duo its unique sound.


You seem to be very hands on in the process of your music and songwriting which is GREAT! Can you walk us through the process for the latest release?

Well, thank you! The EP was actually created in 2019, so the four songs have been waiting to be perfected and released. As 2020 started, we decided that we wanted to release the songs as an EP. Originally ‘’Need U’’ was not part of the EP, because it was not finished entirely, and then ended up being the favorite of our audience.

All four lyrics were done by us, and Joaquin sings in them, as we said earlier, his voice is very versatile.



When you have a concept for a song, how do you execute it? What comes first? The lyrics, the music, or do they work hand in hand?

It depends, sometimes we start with the melodies, sometimes the other way around, but it has always been easier for us to have the lyrics first, we can adapt more easily to the artist’s voice, and then we can work in a more orderly fashion, so the result is always cooler.



With the new music in tow, how does the song differ from your prior work? Or does it feed into a new realm for you as an artist?

We think both, there are two melodic progressive house tracks, and two electro/housy/pop tracks on the EP, so the four tracks are a good sum for our project’s portfolio.

The tracks don’t differ much from our prior works, we like to preserve our sound essence, but they are also fresh and energetic, so for us serves both purposes, maintain the sound and feeding a new realm as artists.


As 2020 is off to a running start, what surprises do you have up your sleeve in terms of music, videos, and additional releases this year; especially in the current realm of things

We have TONS of unreleased music, we have some massive tunes from 2017 waiting to be revealed, and a couple of lyrical songs that you would absolutely enjoy. We are actually working in the creative process of making a couple music videos, but its hard, you know, especially with everything going on globally right now. We are basically waiting for the best moment for the tracks and video to come out.



Written by Freelance Writer

Emily Hinde



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