Casely “Rude Boy Summer”

Casely does it again with the inescapable beat in “Rude Boy Summer”. Featuring Braveboy, this global prime-time ready hit comes at the tail end of a hot summer season. Even though it’s fall, “Rude Boy Summer” is tantalizing, throwing the listener into a tailspin of sultry, humid beats. Chasing the echoes and falling prey to Casely’s changing rhythms, “Rude Boy Summer” is a polite way to dance the day or night away.


Longtime fans know Casely from his smooth vocals and from his work with Pitbull, DJ Khaled, Flo Rida, Lil Jon and more. Miami-born, Casey’s parents hail from Trinidad and Panama. Braveboy, the guest vocalist on the track is also from Trinidad, and in the music video, his scenes are filmed on the island. A multi-instrumentalist, Casely last serenaded listeners with the emotional ballad “Never Be Alone”. “Rude Boy Summer” is a completely different vibe and message; what stays the same is Casely’s magnetic artistry and keen sense of fluidity and poetry in motion.


Braveboy starts out the track rapping, setting the tone. DJ pull it up on the lap top, top, he raps with his irresistible island-accent. Everybody in the place get crazy…it’s a hot boy summer, it’s a rude boy summer, he slays. Before he hands off the vocal stage to Casely, the breaking beat thumps along like a lump playing pong in your tummy. It’s that deep of a bass line. I take the one on the right, you get the one on the left, Casely croons. All the while he’s singing, the music continues to change up, but the groove is constant. She’s so fine, he sings. If you’re shoulders aren’t moving along to the beat, well, I can’t help you. It picks up even more, and the toe-tapping feels a bit more fast-paced. Not too fast, though, as this is the song that begs to be danced to, while you still have room to hold a cold drink (to cool off, of course) in one hand. Casey’s vocals, not on show as much as they were in “Never Be Alone”, still get their chance to shine.


In the official music video, the Miami scenes are directed by Casely. The Trinidadian scenes are directed by Michael Mooleedhar. The color pallet is just rich with vivid turquois blues, deep reds, yellows and an overall lushness. It’s about the thrill of being outside, dancing and enjoying the sun. Braveboy’s stellar car (with the wheel on the right side, of course) is driving on a sunny day, with a beautiful woman in the passenger seat. Meanwhile, in Miami, Casely is hanging out with a beautiful DJ, and kicking some moves with a couple of backup dancers. At the end of the video, DJ’s from around the globe get a chance to do a shoutout and show themselves in action, as a testament to their art not stopping due to COVID-19. I think the way Casely incorporates the DJ’s and his supporters is pretty smart – you get to hear their voices, as well as see where they are based.

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

We do music reviews for Independent Artists and Publicists.



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