308 Ghost Train's "Love You More" Has All The Makings Of A Rock Ballad Classic
The single drops on October 13th.

308 Ghost Train’s new single ‘Love You More’ is a sweet, sentimental surprise from an accomplished rock band. With 308 Ghost Train’s lead singer's hard-edged, guttural voice, you wouldn’t be the first one to perk your ears in amazement at this track and its romantic message – but it’s this giant juxtaposition between Anthony "Train" Caruso's deep vocals and the track’s swooning strings, gentle guitars and anthemic drums that makes the track so meaningful. With heartfelt, honey-laced lyrics such as “I saw a light that shines within your eyes” and “Love you today more than you’ll ever know”, 308 Ghost Train manages to produce something dreamy, passionate and tender, while still retaining its rock and roll quality. ‘Love You More’ has all the makings of a rock ballad classic that iconic songs such as ‘I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing’ by the great Aerosmith or ‘Wild Horses’ by the Rolling Stones possesses – a timeless, classic and relatable message, and a climax that hits at the right moment. Featuring an electric guitar solo in the breakdown, and followed up by a beautiful last chorus that initially starts off with just the acoustic guitar and softer vocals, ‘Love You More’ is a track that you’ll only love more and more with each play.

-Fred E.

Written by MTS Management Group

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